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Energy Support

   Harbour Master :
   Malcolm Bremner

   Harbour Office
   KW1 5HA

   Tel :  01955 602030
   Fax : 01955 605936

   Office Hours
   Mon-Fri ~ 09:00-17:00


Port Statistics

Chart No. - 1462
Wick and Approaches
: 058° 26.5min N
Long : 003° 04min W

Total Quayage : 1366m
Max Vessel Length : 89m

Depth Alongside
Inner/Outer : - 1.71m CD
River Basin : - 5.00m CD

VHF Radio
Ch16 or Working ch14
During Office Hours
and as required.

Wick Harbour

Supporting the future...

Read up on Harbour Developments in relation to the progressing energy developments in the area.

Wave and Tidal ~ Oil and Gas ~ Wind Power

For more details on what the Harbour can do for the Energy Industry, see the Wick Harbour Port Infrastructure Brochure.

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Wick Renewables Proximity Map
Wick Harbour Renewables Proximity Map

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